Hi, there!

My name is Lisa. My husband is Larry. You’ll probably see him around here from time to time as well. Larry is a Melanoma Survivor.

Larry and I were friends with Diana Campbell. She was a terrific woman that I am honored to have been able to call my friend. She taught in a reservation school out in Arizona and lived, interestingly enough, not far from where Larry is working right now.

Diana survived Stage IV Breast Cancer for a lot longer than she ever expected to. When it came back, it did so with a vengeance… spreading very quickly before it finally took her from her family and friends. Larry and I used to help her with her websites, especially Survivor ~ Breast Cancer Stage IV.

According to the Wayback Machine, Diana’s website has been captured 104 times, fromĀ 14 Apr 2001 – 26 Jun 2011. Larry and I attempted once before to get it up and running again, but life intervened… as it usually does. This time, I refuse to give up…. I will fight to get this website not only restored, but better than ever. How could I do any less with an inspirational woman like Diana watching over my shoulder from her place on the other side?